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2013 SCSCRA Convention

Recharge in the Electric City

Workshop Descriptions

Get "Plugged" in with Anita Paul Johnston NVRA 4 hrs, NCRA .4 hrs

Participants will gain a healthy perspective of our profession, where we were, where we are, and what is in our future. Fear will shift to excitement about our careers. This seminar will include such topics as how to handle difficult situations, strategies and techniques to cope with uncooperative parties -- how much we should take and when to put a stop tactfully to what is not acceptable -- people in the courtroom or deposition including mumblers, people talking on top of each other, heavy accents, and way-too-fast talkers. Also, ethics and latest technology. Participants will leave with a renewed self-confidence, a renewed perspective of our future and what is within our control.

"Amp" Up Your Knowledge for WKT's (Challenge Bee) NVRA 2 hours, NCRA .2 hrs

The focus of this workshop is to assist those wishing to increase their general knowledge and/or review for the written knowledge tests of NCRA and NVRA. Contestants will be quizzed on spelling, punctuation, vocabulary and other subjects relevant to the court-reporting profession.

"Surge" Ahead with Realtime Skills (Steno Writers ) NCRA .3 hrs

How to solve basic conflicts, common prefixes and suffixes, writing strategies to write numbers clean and in one stroke, "Smart Strokes" – how to brief on the fly, create one-stroke shortcuts for words, phrases, and formatting issues to greatly cut editing time. Included are speedbuilding techniques and test-taking ideas to reduce test nerves. Participants leave with strong guidelines on how to shorten editing time by having the first pass of their work be cleaner by solving basic conflicts, prefixes and suffixes to create clean word-building, easy ways to create shortcuts they remember, speed-building strategies to implement immediately, and how to approach tests with a healthy attitude, reducing test anxiety.

Avoid "Overload" With Realtime Voice Skills (The Road to Realtime with Don Scott!) NVRA 1.5 hrs

No puffing; no fluff; no sales. Just an open, frank, and candid discussion of voice writing today. Topics covered will include CAT systems and other current technology available to voice writers. Why are there so few certified realtime reporters? Does the voice writer have a future in technology courtrooms? What will you do to prepare yourself? Don will address all your questions about the "Road to Realtime"! Don Scott has served on the Board of Directors of NVRA since 2006 and recently completed his post as past president of NVRA.

"Peak" Your Test Performance (NVRA Certification Prep) NVRA 1.5 hrs

This seminar will cover topics including membership in NVRA, benefits of certification for official and freelance reporters, testing registration process, equipment preparation, testing practice and solutions for common testing challenges. Subjects on the written knowledge test will also be covered.

"Networking" (Group Initiatives) NVRA 3 hrs, NCRA .3 hrs

All activities are "challenge by choice" which means you may choose not to participate in a particular activity. Dress for August heat with comfortable shoes (aka tennis shoes).

Low Ropes: The Clemson University Outdoor Lab's Group Initiatives Experience prepares individuals and groups to work together through activities and challenges designed to promote communication and teamwork. Our outdoor classroom allows groups to focus on instilling trust and confidence in one another while reflecting on group and team goals. Our programs can benefit any type of group - business and professional, corporate management teams, families, athletic teams, school and church groups. Through a series of initiatives, participants are challenged with activities which require them to work as a team, communicate ideas and feelings, and problem-solve. By working as a team, they learn how to work better with others.

Results are lasting because participants learn experientially. Each element presents a physical, emotional and personal challenge where participants are able to step out of their comfort zone. As activities progress, group members cause, see and discuss their success and frustrations. Each person has an opportunity to discuss and share what worked and why. By doing this, they learn to listen to the ideas of others, communicate ideas and feelings, and see how working as a team is the best way to be successful.

Physical Requirements for Low Ropes: This course is a series of problem solving initiatives in which you will be challenged to reach beyond what you perceive to be your limits. These activities may include, but are not limited to, playing tag, using a hula hoop, tossing tennis balls, walking on a log, swinging from a rope, holding plastic pipes, climbing over a wall or log, being 2’ off the ground on a cable, being blindfolded, losing personal space, etc. All activities must be accomplished by working together as a team. You are not in this alone. A facilitator is with you at all times.

High Ropes: In addition to low ropes, participants have the option of using our high ropes course. Located in a beautiful strand of hardwoods, the course consists of a series of obstacles starting at ground level and leading into the trees. With guidance from trained facilitators and encouragement from team members, participants make their way along the course. Each element presents a physical, emotional and personal challenge where participants are able to step out of their comfort zone. Registration for high ropes is limited to 15 per session (morning for voice writers, afternoon for steno writers) on a first come/first served basis.

Physical Requirements for High Ropes: This course consists of a series of initiatives that range in height from ground level to 28’ above the ground. Each participant will be schooled in how to use all safety equipment harnesses, helmets, and static belay lines and follow all the safety procedures before going on the course. Participants then make their way from element to element throughout the course and end with a zipline ride. At least two facilitators will be working with you, one on the course and one on the ground, during this activity.

"Insulate" Yourself (Self-Defense in and Around the Courthouse) NVRA 1 hr, NCRA .1 hr

We live in a time when threats against judges and acts of violence in courthouses and courtrooms are occurring throughout the country with greater frequency than ever before. By their very nature, courthouse operations entail a heightened degree of risk.  This workshop will "arm" the court reporter, teaching the importance of being aware of your surroundings, give insight about attitudes, the no-rules theory, training, tactics, etc. The class will end with a Q&A session.

"Ground" Yourself (Therapeutic Chair Stretchin) NVRA 1 hr, NCRA .1 hr

In order to function at our best, we need to balance ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually in our work and personal lives. We know the physical and mental skills required to produce a verbatim transcript, to write hundreds of thousands of strokes on our writers or computers each month. It's no wonder we have aching backs, fingers, wrists, shoulders and necks. We sit hour after hour, staring at a computer monitor. Some of us work in offices with no windows and breathe the same stale air over and over. We no longer walk, bend, or reach for that reference book, giving our arms and legs a good stretch. Now we just click on a word and it will take us directly to the online dictionary or reference website.

This seminar will focus on therapeutic self-care, including balance, strength, flexibility, and restoration, all for improvement of mental clarity, self- esteem, ability to deal with stress, boosting immune systems and improving overall quality of life. Attendees will be given simple techniques for relieving neck, shoulder, back and wrist stress and pain that can be done during breaks from court proceedings or transcript production.

"Boost" Your Understanding of Medical Terminology NVRA 1 hr, NCRA .1 hr

PowerPoint presentation of medical terminology in order to help participants develop the ability to read and understand the language of medicine. Emphasis will be on the meaning of root words, combining prefixes and suffixes in various forms. Also, an in-depth study of operating room terminology. This is an approach which will facilitate the acquisition and retention of knowledge.

Avoiding the "Transformers" (Identity Theft) NVRA 1 hr pending, NCRA .1 hr pending 

This seminar will cover identity theft: what it is, how it happens, how to avoid it and what to do if it happens to you. It will also cover a short review of credit reports: how to obtain your report, how to read it, how to correct errors.

"Current" Technology (There’s an App for That!) NVRA 1 hr, NCRA .1 hr

In the last twenty years the computer has changed the way we work, live, and communicate. This incredible form of technology is a major part in our society today. Are you keeping up?

This seminar will cover the following topics:

Cloud Storage

iPad Field Use - also applies to iPhone and Android devices

Connectivity - options include using wifi at a location, either secured or public, potential threats of public wifi, and also 3G connectivity which includes the built-in cellular data option, MiFi hot spots and cell phone hot spots

Accessing Files While in the Field - Using sharing apps and services, both Dropbox and Copy App

Voice Recorder Apps - Demonstration of popular apps that can provide digital voice recording and how to get that info back to your office using the built-in sharing